At KUMA, we are changing how women FEEL about themselves.


  • Empowering others
  • Mastering mindset
  • Positive vibes
  • Fitness to balance life
  • Consistency is queen
  • Overcoming guilt
  • Function over size
  • STRONG over scales

Kickboxing & Fitness for Women

Starting something new can be intimidating. We are here to help you find a program that’s right for you. Learn more about our different program options and view our schedule here.

Get strong(er)

Join our class options that are built to keep you strong and lead by a coach to keep you feeling positive and inspired

Feel comfortable & connected

Working out with other women led by one of our friendly coaches feels amazing. Our classes are a great way to connect with your community and feel comfortable when trying new moves.

Built for every woman

Our studio is designed for every woman! Set your own pace and intensity level—from beginner to expert—and our coaches will help you make progress each step of the way.

A new program to empower young girls to find their power and strength!

This program is to help build confidence, skills, fitness, and community for girls ages 12-17. Each week will focus on a different way for these girls to be more savvy, safe, and successful in every aspect of their lives.

Learn more

We know you have questions…

Fitness isn’t a linear journey and it involves all aspects of your life. Our coaches are here to help keep your programming relevant to your life and schedule. Our goal is to make sure you stay feeling positive about working out. Throw away those feelings of guilt!

We will encourage you to work hard when you’re ready, take breaks when you need to, and maintain consistency so you always keep moving and feeling strong!

You’re not alone!

Here are common things we hear when women want to get started:

  • I’m really out of shape
  • Am I strong enough?
  • I used to be able to do more
  • Can I keep up?
  • I’m nervous because I haven’t done this in a while
  • I don’t have any experience, is that okay?

We’re here to help : )

  • You’re a badass for just being ready!
  • You deserve this and it’s time to focus on yourself
  • You will LOVE kickboxing
  • You’re going to gain confidence
  • You will get stronger, your mindset will become positive, your life will change
  • You will learn how to make feeling strong a habit for life!

Get started with a free consult with one of our coaches.
We can answer all of your questions and help you choose the best program for you.

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What you can expect

A friendly community where everyone knows your name…like Cheers—but really, we take the time to get to know each and every one of our members and in return, they do the same for each other.

No judgments! We respect your decision to work hard and get healthy. You are on a fitness journey, and we are here to encourage you, and help you succeed. 

To feel empowered and strong! Our mission is to make sure you leave every workout feeling stronger than when you came in. Over time, you will feel more confident, empowered, and strong!

A dynamic and fun workout! Our coaches work hard to build a rotating and flexible program so you leave each workout feeling energized, challenged, sweaty, and strong!

Get started
Photo caption: Nicole Nugent

Are you ready to get started?

When you know, you know. If you’re ready to jump in and get started, save your spot in our next Kickboxing Foundations Course. Or, if you’d prefer to talk to one of our coaches and learn more, schedule a free consultation.

Group Kickboxing Foundations Course

  • 2-Week group training program to get started with group kickboxing classes
  • (4) Group training classes (class times are a set schedule)
  • Learn the basic techniques of kickboxing
  • Basic personal movement evaluation
  • Goal setting meeting 


Who is this for? If you’ve always wanted to learn more about kickboxing and you love the energy and dynamics of a group class, this is the place to start. You’ll learn all the moves, build endurance, and meet other new members.

Still not sure?

Get started with a free consult with one of our coaches.
We can answer all of your questions and help you choose the best program for you.

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Stories that inspire us

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting to exercise, young or old, fit or flabby, if you want to get a good workout and improve your physical and mental health, KUMA is the place for you. It has a positive, upbeat atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. The owner, coaches, and other members are all incredibly supportive.


I NEVER thought I would be the person who gets up early to go exercise, and for kickboxing no less! But with such a supportive and fun environment  it became something I truly enjoyed and basically craved. It improved my mental health, my sleep habits and my stress levels. The coaches and women at KUMA fit create an amazing environment where showing up to class is a success worth celebrating.


It feels awesome to feel like I can be success at a new ‘sport’ or fitness genre.  I’m not the sporty type but I love kickboxing. I love the people, the coaches and how I feel after I kickbox. It’s an empowering experience that has helped me make great changes to my psyche and weightloss.


KUMA has reintroduced me to fitness and general wellness. I have learned it’s all connected, working out leads to sleeping and eating better. I feel better about myself, i have more confidence and energy.  I feel satisfied with myself after kickboxing. I’m genuinely happier after kickboxing!