In 21-days we will begin the process to re-wire your behavior by learning how to eat the way humans were designed to and by creating morning/evening rituals that will lead to a healthier mind and body. You’ll finish the challenge with increased happiness, more productive and meaningful days, and a life with direction and purpose!

The 21-Day challenge will provide you with:

  • “Where are you now” Pre-Assessment
  • Break your food & drink addictions
  • Learn smart exercise
  • Create daily success rituals
  • Improve your mindset
  • Private Facebook group for daily reminders, tips, encouragement, and accountability
  • 3 weekly meetings (Nov. 1st, Nov. 8th, Nov. 15th)
  • We will end the challenge and celebrate our success on November 22nd!

Once you enroll you will be invited to our private Facebook group that will provide you with direction, daily mindset nuggets, recipes, and group support!

The next challenge begins November 1st. The Facebook group will be open to you as soon as you join which will give you time to prepare your pantry (and mindset!).

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Here’s what some members of our group said about the challenge:

“I feel fantastic. My mind is more clear, my energy is steady throughout the day, and my stress level is lower.”

“That I can do anything I set my mind to. My energy level is better, my stomach (digestion) is no longer an issue!”

“The support from the coaches and participants was amazing. It was a great feeling to know you weren’t going it alone and to receive support and encouragement on good and bad days. I felt comfortable really be honest about how things were going.”

Challenge Dates to Remember

We will use both our Facebook group and face-to-face meetings to stay on track, get tips, and ask questions! If you can’t make it to these meetings, that’s no problem…you can still do the challenge!

  • November 1st, 6:00-6:45pm
    Kickoff Meeting: RESET—The first week of the challenge is all about resetting your body and your mindset. We will spend most of our time learning about the foods that fuel our bodies and how to create a better way of eating.
  • November 8th, 6:00-6:45pm
    Check-in Meeting: REFINE—The second week of our challenge is about refining our mindset and daily habits. We will discuss how important mindset is and how small changes in our lifestyle can have a big impact on how we get through each day.
  • Friday, November 15th, 7:00-7:45pm
    Check-in Meeting: REBUILD—The final week is focused on rebuilding and moving forward. By this point you should be feeling the benefits of your hard work. But, what now? What are your options moving forward? What will you do with the information you’ve learned.
  • November 22nd, 6:00-6:45pm
    Challenge Celebration—Come and celebrate your success and bring with you a copy of your favorite recipe!

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Commit to seeing what a better YOU could feel like in just 21-days. This challenge includes a schedule of challenges and habits (new ones every 3-4 days) to integrate info your life, (4) Team Challenge Group Meetings at KUMA Fit and access to our private Facebook group for daily tips, support and encouragement!

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Will I lose weight?
Although this challenge is not just about changing your dietary habits, it is a big part of it! Most women will lose water weight and bloat in the first week and possibly continue to lose more throughout the 3 weeks.

What will I learn from this challenge?
There are 3 main focuses of this challenge: dietary habits, exercise habits, and mindset habits.

We will use a paleo or low carb focus to help our bodies get rid of its addiction to sugar. The goal is to change our energy source to fat instead of sugars. You will have more energy and feel less hungry.

We will also integrate small amounts of exercise every day to get in the habit of moving our bodies each day.

And finally, we will have a daily habit to integrate into our lives that will provide a positive start to the day or better sleep at night.

Will you give me a meal plan?
We won’t give you a plan because we want this to be a start to a better lifestyle. You will learn which foods will give your body the most benefit and which foods to avoid or eat in moderation. Our Facebook group will share several recipes to try and tips on how to prepare meals each week to stay on track!