We are throwing away the standards of fitness. Our body-neutral space stays focused on how movement makes you feel and we don’t talk about weight loss, take measurements, or use before and after photos.

Welcome! KUMA believes that every woman should have a safe, positive, and supportive place to workout and feel strong.

We are redefining what fitness means for women and reclaiming the gym from diet-culture. Our body-neutral space stays focused on how movement makes you feel and our coaches deliver classes that leave you feeling powerful and strong. The KUMA community of friendly and supportive women creates a safe and positive space for all women to feel comfortable doing the movements they love.

This is our (wo)manifesto:

  1. We support every woman
  2. We promote positivity through words, actions, and beliefs
  3. We know that every woman is a badass
  4. We are all here to help you feel empowered to do anything
  5. We believe fitness has to be redefined and reimagined
  6. Fitness doesn’t have to suck
  7. We celebrate new standards of beauty
  8. Every body type can be the right body type
  9. We reject diet-culture
  10. Kickboxing builds killer confidence

Meet your amazing team of KUMA leaders

Stacy Kim, Owner of KUMA Fit

Coach Stacy Kim Owner/Head Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Stacy! I’ve been training and teaching martial arts for 15 years and nothing is more amazing than seeing a woman feel more confident and powerful. KUMA is more than a kickboxing studio, it’s a community where women can feel safe, positive, and supported by the coaches and other members. I hope we redefine what women’s fitness means and bring the focus on feeling positive and strong. As a coach, I am here to help you succeed with your fitness, your mindset, and your life!

When I’m not teaching or training I enjoy learning and creating. Everything from painting with watercolors and graphic design to playing the ukulele and beatboxing.

“The point is, not to resist the flow. You go up when you’re supposed to go up and down when you’re supposed to go down.” – Murakami

Coach Camille Studio Manager, Coach, & POUND Pro

Camille knows what it’s like to walk into our doors for the first time and now she will be giving that friendly and welcoming vibe. She’s been kickboxing with us for almost a year and is completely obsessed! During quarantine, she bought a bag for home and never skipped a beat! She’s in the studio almost everyday kickboxing or working the front desk!
Camille played basketball as a youngster but spent most of her time at the piano.  Hiking, kayaking and spending time outside with her husband are her favorite pastimes that keep her sane. By day, Camille is a choral director and pianist and taught music in school up until four years ago. She’s directed the Voices in Harmony Choirs in Saco since 2000! She is very happy to be part of the KUMA Family.

Coach Andrea Coach

Andrea here! I am new to coaching kickboxing, but a veteran to throwing jabs and hooks. I fell in love with kickboxing in high school at my local karate studio and, as an adult, attended Dojo Sante in Hudson, NH led by Sensei Matt. I believe that women’s kickboxing is not only an incredible full-body workout, but also a holistic, supportive approach to fitness. The inclusivity and fun that comes with women’s kickboxing leaves you feeling strong, confident, and energized. In other words – a sexy beast!

Outside of KUMA, I try my best to keep up with my six-year-old Vizsla, Senna. We enjoy hikes, fat tire bike rides, and long walks on the beach (not a cliché, we live on the beach!). My 9-to-5 is in marketing and live events at IDEXX; although when I win the lottery I will dedicate my time to opening a dog sanctuary and, of course, KUMA Fit. 

“You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to show up.”

Coach Mackenzie Coach

Hi, I’m Mackenzie! I joined KUMA in May 2019 and absolutely fell in love with kickboxing and the environment that KUMA provides. Fitness has been an up and down journey for me, but KUMA has provided me with a space to celebrate what my body can do, discover how strong I can become, and connect my physical and mental wellness – all while being supported by an amazing group of women! Plus, showing a bag who’s boss is an amazing stress reliever and confidence booster! My passion for kickboxing has grown so much and I’m so excited to share that passion through coaching.

Outside of KUMA, I’m a scientist, home cook and baker, book lover, and musical theatre enthusiast. I love trying new things and am committed to being a lifelong learner – whether that looks like following a new recipe or learning something new in the lab. I think it’s important to focus on the good, celebrate the little things, and never stop growing.

Coach Abby

Coach Abby Coach

Hi there, I’m Abby. I started taking classes at KUMA in October 2020 and I was immediately drawn to the encouraging and compassionate community here.

Outside of the gym, I’m a student at USM. I enjoy roller skating, skiing, and other activities that allow me to spend time in nature. When I’m in the studio, I hope to encourage women to be the most authentic versions of themselves and to channel their inner strength when overcoming obstacles.

“Your focus determines your reality” – Qui-Gon Jinn

Coach Shanna Coach

Hey! I’m Shanna. I started my Kuma journey on my 50th birthday. I was looking for something new and exciting, and I had been looking into kickboxing for months. There was something about putting on my first set of gloves….. there was something about hearing the “SNAP” of the bag as you jab. I was hooked immediately. This was almost 2 years ago, and I am still as addicted now, as I was after my first class.

When I’m not at the studio, I am a happily married, mother of three boys, who are pretty much grown men. I am a General Manager of a big box retailer, and have been with my current company for 23 years. I love to travel, hike, kayak, and do anything that keeps me active.

Coach Kiira Coach

Kiira joined KUMA in May 2021 after recovering from an injury. She wanted to see if she could rise to the challenge of kickboxing and quickly fell in love with KUMA’s environment, people, and vibe!

During the week Kiira is in constant meetings and motions developing software, workflow, and IT initiatives for a major health insurer. When not in meetings or the gym, she’s entertaining the cats and planning her next adventures on the water or the mountains.

Coach Tina

Coach Tina Coach

Hi! I’m Tina! I started at KUMA in the summer of 2019. My daughter and I were looking for something to do together to stay active, and this was better than anything we expected to find. I have tried many different workouts, at home and with groups, but it was never what I was looking for. I have finally found the movement I am passionate about at KUMA! Even as a new member, I never felt out of place or insecure, and I was genuinely excited to come into the gym throughout the week and share a workout with powerful women of all ages and experiences. Now that I am a coach, I am so excited to contribute to the welcoming and enthusiastic environment of KUMA. 

When I’m not in the studio, I am an elementary school Assistant Principal. Kickboxing really helps me recharge after chasing kids around all day! At home, I enjoy watching feel-good movies, and working through my never-ending reading list. But what I love most is spending time with my family. With two of my three kids living away from home, and my youngest in high school, I cherish every moment we can all be together.

Coach Ang

Coach Ang Coach

Hey. I’m Ang. From the moment I stepped into KUMA, I felt empowered and welcomed. It is a place where women from all walks of life can come together and be part of an amazing tribe! I absolutely love coaching and empowering other women. We all learn so much from each other as we watch one another grow into strong and fearless goddesses.

During the weekday you can find me working as a Patient Care Coordinator at a local pediatric dental office. When I’m not working or at the studio you will find me hiking and camping, enjoying the local food and beer scene, or curled up reading a book.

“Be stronger than your strongest excuse”
– Alan Maiccon

Coach Natasha Coach (Yoga)

My name is Natasha and my love affair with kickboxing began in October 2021 when I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the empowering space at KUMA. Though I took a short hiatus to travel (a lifelong passion), I couldn’t wait to return to the studio. Once you start kickboxing at KUMA, it’s impossible to stop! So, here I am – back at it full force, but with an awesome opportunity to share another passion of mine with all of you: HEALing Yoga: “a mindful class with an emphasis on self-awareness… accessible for beginners and students working with injury”. 
After many years of searching for an outlet to calm my anxious mind and to fall back in love with myself (and body), I discovered yoga and completed my 200 HR YTT in 2019. I began sharing all I learned with clients from those with mobility issues to kids with behaviors and fell in love with teaching. My intention with every class is to facilitate a pow(her)ful yet mindful practice that feels good for your body and also compliments your kickboxing classes… Oh.. And challenging this idea social media tells us a “yoga body” is and looks like… Spoiler alert: EVERY BODY IS A YOGA BODY!
Outside of KUMA, you can find me enjoying a simple life full of shenanigans, holistic health coaching, and RV living with the spouse and our two cats Thelma and Sandwich. See you around the studio!


Naomi standing with her surf board

Coach Naomi Coach

Hey! I’m Naomi. I was super active throughout high school with synchronized swimming and soccer. I had a hard time finding something new throughout college until I found KUMA back in March of 2021. I immediately fell in love with the community of strong women that gave me the ability to feel empowered myself! It’s a positive, safe exercise environment that helps me focus less on how I look and more on how I feel.
Outside of KUMA I’m a manager at a recruiting company, which always gives me a good reason to come to class and unwind. Other activities I enjoy are swimming, surfing and scuba diving. Pretty much anything that keeps my childhood dream of being a mermaid alive!


Coach Mary image (axe through a pumpkin at the Axe pit)

Coach Mary Coach

Hey there, I’m Mary! I played rugby throughout high school and part of college, so when I was looking for something new to do for fitness I thought kickboxing might be a good fit. I took Foundations at KUMA in September 2021 and was hooked right away. Kickboxing makes me feel powerful and confident, not only is it a great workout, but my mental health has benefited greatly from it and the community at KUMA. I hope to help other women experience that too.

Outside of the gym I enjoy traveling, watching sports, and spending time with my friends. I love animals and will gladly point out every dog I see to anyone I’m with so they don’t miss out on seeing them too.


Chastity against a Dr. Suess wall

Coach Chastity Coach

Hey lovelies, I’m Chastity! For years I’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy relationship with fitness, but that all changed after I started at KUMA back in April of 2021. I wanted something that would push me out of my comfort zone while making me feel empowered – and that’s exactly what kickboxing did. I fell in love with the feeling of kicking and punching a bag, all with the help of the KUMA ladies! It’s the best therapy after a long day, even if you don’t think you’re up to it – you always leave better than when you arrived.

Outside of KUMA, I’m a head manager at a camping resort in Old Orchard, which keeps me quite busy during the summer time! I love spending time with my two cats (what’s new) and even take them outside for walks now and again. Laying out and tanning has become a hobby of mine this summer, all while listening to true crime podcasts. And yes, I do listen to them when I’m home alone at night as well. I hope to continue to encourage ladies just like everyone at KUMA has encouraged me!


Coach Nicole Finance Queen / Asst. Coach

Nicole crunches numbers and solves variance problems—she’s a finance queen. She has been kickboxing for 2 years, she’s completed our Kickboxing Instructor Training Course and can crush a 10, 12, and 14 move combo on the mitts. If you need to find good form in class, just watch her!
She’s comfortable in boxing gloves but she also loves lifting weights, making her own health products, mastering vitamins, and couponing. If you need to know anything about hotels or food safety, Nicole’s got you because she graduated from Johnson & Wales.

Caley Admin Sidekick

Hi folks! I’m Caley and I have been a member of KUMA since June 2021. I love how the coaches support us and focus on our strength, not our size. As a kid and teen, I was not athletic. I was the kid picking clovers in the soccer field when everyone else was chasing the ball, and I even learned Latin to avoid gym class. I decided to give kickboxing a try after reading a fantasy book with strong female characters who learned how to box. And now I love kickboxing with KUMA’s amazing, badass ladies!

When I’m not kickboxing, I’m usually reading, crafting or napping with my three cats. I work as a children’s librarian and also provide KUMA with administrative support.

Bethany Studio Cleaning Ninja

Beth is always willing to try something new. She tried kickboxing and now she’s hooked! If you admire our clean studio you can thank her…she sneaks in when no one is watching and keeps things sparkling clean.
When she’s not kickboxing, she also fosters pups, goes on weekend adventures looking for new hikes and swimming holes, and works in the Saco school system. She’s full of stories and surprises!


(207) 407-9596 (send us a message!)


3 Eastview Parkway, Ste. 4
Saco, Maine 04072

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