Get moving again with a simple 15-minute workout

Working out from home can be more difficult than going to the studio. Actually, it’s hard—and we set ourselves up for failure.

You don’t have to workout for an hour so stop planning on it. You don’t even have to workout for 30 minutes.

The best way to get unstuck and to start feeling motivated to work out again is to shorten your workout to just 15 minutes. Set yourself up for success!

If you’ve been struggling to get your workouts done here’s what I recommend doing:

  • Commit to 3 workouts this week
  • Make each workout no more than 15 minutes
  • If you’re following a workout plan, just do one round. Choose something you’re excited to do. Yoga, meditation, hiit, kickboxing—these all count!

I realize 15 minutes isn’t enough for weight loss or muscle gain, but what it is enough for is mental wellness. We want to create a positive routine and habit with working out. We need to feel successful.

Try this routine for 2-3 weeks and then you can start to increase the number of days or the workout duration.

Whatever you do, keep your goals realistic, and if you’re not sure what that might be…keep them short and simple.

Avoid feeling guilty and start feeling like a badass again!