The KUMA Story

In 2016, I started a business that was primarily focused on kids fitness—KUMA Fitness & Leadership. We had a large afterschool program/summer camp and a martial arts program.

In 2017, I was looking for a new way to teach martial arts to an adult audience. Not everyone is up for the system of martial arts—belts, bowing, uniforms etc… I wanted to create something that was accessible, fun, and still taught the art of fighting in some way. And so I turned to kickboxing. It was being a popular form of fitness and it seemed like a perfect fit.

I knew that most kickboxing classes were mostly filled with women so I decided to make the class exclusive. I also know that it can be intimidating to start any type of fitness, especially something like kickboxing so this would be a great way to take away a lot of typical pressures.

Over the course of the first year I experimented with different workouts and movements. I did a lot of research and explored other studios to develop our class curriculum which is dynamic, variable, effective, and fun.

When I first started the kickboxing program, I knew it would be a hit but what I didn’t expect was the community that it built. After our first year, we had about 30 women who had become accountability partners, friends, supporters, and motivators. The kickboxing was awesome, but the tribe was even better!

So, in 2019, I decided to create an entire studio dedicated to this tribe. KUMA Fit has become a positive place for women to start their fitness journey. There are 3 unique and amazing things about our studio that you will LOVE:

  • Our community is full of women who are positive, supportive, and encouraging. You’ll always feel welcome.
  • Kickboxing is a dynamic workout that you won’t get bored with. If you’ve had a hard time sticking to a basic gym routine, this might be the workout for you.
  • Punching things is empowering! You will leave every class feeling STRONG. And, you’ll keep that feeling by being a part of our tribe.