You’re going to love it from day one!

Starting something new can be intimidating. We’ve designed an enrollment process that will make sure you feel comfortable and excited on your first day. Before you can get started with a monthly membership, you will need to enroll in one of our intro options listed below. 🙂


2-Week Kickboxing Foundations Course

This is the best option for most women. We highly recommend making time for this full 2-week course.

These sessions are exclusive to new members and are offered every two weeks. During these four progressive classes, you will learn everything you need to start with confidence!

The 2-Week Course Includes:

  • (4) Kickboxing Foundations group classes to learn the basics of kickboxing, common exercises, class format, and have time to ask questions.
  • (1) Free general Group Kickboxing class after you complete your 2 weeks.
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The next 2-Week Course is
February 13th – February 22nd

Classes are Monday & Wednesday nights at 6:00pm during your 2-week session.
Space is limited.

Additional intro course options


Intensive Foundations Course (90-Minutes)
If our Foundations Course doesn’t work with your schedule you have an option to enroll in our Saturday course. This 90-minute course is an intensive experience designed to give you an introduction to our studio, teach you the basics of kickboxing, and show you most of the movements you’ll see in a regular class. The class is also exclusive to new members.

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KUMA Orientation
If you’re comfortable with the techniques of kickboxing the KUMA Orientation will introduce you to our studio, our class format, and teach you speciality movements you might find in class. This is required to begin as a member and you must have experience and feel comfortable with kickboxing. Once you register, you will have the option to schedule your class to meet 1:1 with a coach before the class.

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New Member FAQs

Do you allow drop-ins?

Our mission is to create a positive and comfortable experience for new women which is why we have designed the required enrollment options listed above. We don't offer drop-in classes.

What if I've done kickboxing before?

If you've done kickboxing before and you are familiar and comfortable performing basic kickboxing and exercise movements, you have the option to start with our KUMA Orientation. 

What happens after I finish my intro session?

After you complete one of our intro session options, you'll be ready to join our community! All members have a monthly plan which you can choose at any point during your intro course.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you will need to complete one of our intro course options listed above. We highly recommend our 2-Week Kickboxing Foundations Course if it works for your schedule. 

What's the difference between the 2-Week Kickboxing Foundations Course and the Saturday 90-Minute Course?

Both courses are exclusive to new members so you can get started in a comfortable environment. If possible, we recommend the 2-Week Course to get the full experience especially if you like to learn at a slower pace. The Saturday course is good if you need a different option for your schedule and you're comfortable learning a lot of information in one larger block of time. 

What are your COVID policies?

Update March 2022: Masks are optional while in the studio. Please remember, everyone will be on different levels of comfort. There are still people in our community that may not be able to get vaccinated or may still prefer to wear a mask. Let’s continue to respect and support one another.

If you have any symptoms of COVID, regardless of whether or not you’ve been vaccinated, please stay home.

Our team has a revised a rigorous cleaning checklist that we go through in between each and every class which includes sanitizing all bags, surfaces and the training floor. We are doing our best to keep every member safe and healthy. 🙂

Do you offer nutrition programming?

We offer a new way of approaching your nutrition—Intuitive Eating. Eating used to be an intuitive process for all of us. Over time, we have stopped listening to what our bodies need and fallen into a pattern of guilt and shame around food. Learn how to stop the cycle and go back to our natural ability to eat intuitively! 

Do I have to be in shape?

Definitely NOT. Most of our new members are either starting or getting back into the journey of fitness. We are here to support you and get you feeling strong!

Am I too young/old for this workout?

Never—we have members from 18-80. Our coaches will provide modifications for every workout! 

How much experience is needed for the Orientation class?

Your previous experience should mean that you are comfortable with the following: jab, cross, hook, uppercut, front kick, roundhouse, and squats.

The 2-Week Foundations Course is still a great option especially if you love learning more about technique or if you're nervous to start at a new studio.

Is the Foundations Course refundable?

The Foundations Course is non-refundable but transferring to another session may be possible.


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