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Our classes are designed so that you never get bored! We focus on giving you results that will change your mindset and make sure you leave feeling strong!


Kickboxing is our thing! Many of our members say that they have finally found a workout that sticks. We mix kickboxing techniques with other fitness exercises to give you a complete high intensity workout. It’s an amazing way to clear your mind, de-stress, and get strong!

Box HIRT (high intensity resistance training)
Learning how to lift weights properly can be intimidating in a big box gym but our coaches will help you feel comfortable and build confidence in this small group class which is half kickboxing and half HIRT.

Start with kickboxing to get sweaty and finish off with 15 minutes of the soft and healing movements of Tai Chi.

This class is dedicated to boxing movements and is a great option if you love punching, if your legs need a break, or if you have a lower-body injury.

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Group Training Benefits

We are here to keep you safe
A note on training group training during COVID

Our studio has made a number of changes in order to maintain the health and safety of our members. We rearranged the training floor to have just 8 training spaces (we previously had a capacity of 20 so this means you’ll have a lot of extra space around you) and members face the same direction during the workouts.

If you have been fully vaccinated, wearing a mask is optional.

If you have any symptoms of COVID, regardless of whether or not you’ve been vaccinated, please stay home.

Our team has a revised a rigorous cleaning checklist that we go through in between each and every class which includes sanitizing all bags, surfaces and the training floor. We are doing our best to keep every member safe and healthy. 🙂


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