Women's Kickboxing — 2-Week Foundations Course for Beginners


2-Week Kickboxing
Foundations Course

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Every new member is required to complete our 2-week Kickboxing Foundations Session which will help you get started with confidence! During your first two weeks you will learn the basics of kickboxing, proper form with common exercises, understand the class format, and have time to ask your coach specific questions. After completing Foundations, you will be able to enter into our general group classes and programming.

This course includes:

  • (4) Kickboxing Foundations group classes to learn the basics of kickboxing, common exercises, class format, and have time to ask questions. (must be able to complete at least 3 of the 4 classes in order to join the general group afterwards).
  • (1) Free general Group Kickboxing class after you complete your 2 weeks.
  • Goal review meeting with your coach (at the end)

If you have any questions—please email us at thrive@kumafitness.com OR send us a text at (207) 407-9596.

Next Kickboxing Foundations Session begins on July 5th.


All July sessions are sold out!

The next session is August 23rd – September 3rd
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All Foundations classes are held on Monday and Wednesday at 6:00pm

• Mon., August 23rd 6:00pm
• Wed., August 25th 6:00pm
• Mon., August 30th 6:00pm
• Wed., September 1st 6:00pm

Real reviews from our amazing members

What you can expect

A friendly community where everyone knows your name…like Cheers—but really, we take the time to get to know each and every one of our members and in return, they do the same for each other.

No judgments! We respect your decision to work hard and get healthy. You are on a fitness journey, and we are here to encourage you, and help you succeed. 

To feel empowered and strong! Our mission is to make sure you leave every workout feeling stronger than when you came in. Over time, you will feel more confident, empowered, and strong!

A dynamic and fun workout! Our coaches work hard to build a rotating and flexible program so you leave each workout feeling energized, challenged, sweaty, and strong!

You’ll love every class!

Our primary workouts are rooted in kickboxing techniques and HIIT or HIRT fitness training. Here are the benefits of your KUMA workout:

  • Friendly and encouraging coaches
  • Supportive members
  • Fun and dynamic movements
  • Relieve stress from punching and kicking
  • You’ll feel stronger after every class!


Do I need to be in shape?
Definitely NOT. Most of our new members are either starting or getting back into the journey of fitness. Our coaches will work with you to build an effective and manageable plan. 

Do I need previous experience?
No. In fact, we love working with new members. Our coaches will guide you every step of the way to ensure you are doing the techniques properly.

Am I too young/old for this workout?
Never—we have members from 18-80. Our coaches will provide moderations to every workout! This is a great program that parents and children can do together. Families that train together, stick together.

What do I need for classes in the studio?
Dress in comfortable workout clothing (plan on sweating a lot) and bring a water bottle. Our studio typically trains in bare feet. If you need shoes for support, please bring a clean pair to the studio. We will be using boxing gloves and hand wraps which are available for 50% off when you purchase them during your Foundations course. Masks are also required at all times. We have some available for purchase which are great for workouts.

How is your studio different than others?
We are more than just a class! At KUMA, we are a community of coaches and members that are here to support you through your fitness journey and make sure you continue to grow and feel stronger every day. Our programs are focused on a hybrid of individual training and goal setting and group classes. We want you to finally find your THING and we’ve built a program that is as flexible as you.

How is your studio handling COVID?
Our studio has made a number of changes in order to maintain the health and safety of our members. We rearranged the training floor to have just 8 training spaces (we previously had a capacity of 20 so this means you’ll have a lot of extra space around you) and members face the same direction during the workouts.

If you have been fully vaccinated, wearing a mask is optional. You are considered "fully vaccinated" 2 weeks after your second dose for Pfizer or Moderna or 2 weeks after your single dose of Johnson & Johnson.

Please remember, everyone will be on different levels of comfort. There are still people in our community that may not be able to get vaccinated or may still prefer to wear a mask. Let's continue to respect and support one another.

If you have any symptoms of COVID, regardless of whether or not you've been vaccinated, please stay home.

Our team has a revised a rigorous cleaning checklist that we go through in between each and every class which includes sanitizing all bags, surfaces and the training floor. We are doing our best to keep every member safe and healthy. 🙂

Kickboxing Foundations Course FAQs

I have some previous experience—can I skip Foundations?
All new members at KUMA will go through the Foundations course. if you have previous experience, that’s awesome and it will be helpful in getting started. During your course you will also be learning more about our studio, you’ll get to know other new members, and you’ll determine your individual goals with your coach. 

What if I can’t make it to all of the Foundations classes?
We ask that you are able to commit to at least 2 of the 3 classes. We know that you’re ready to make a commitment to focus on your health and wellness (that’s why you’re here) and we are here to help keep you on track…starting with your first 3 classes. If your schedule won’t allow time for one class, you will work with your coach to make sure you don’t miss any important instruction. 

I would love to get started but the Kickboxing Foundations schedule doesn't work for me. What are my other options?
The small group course is a fun way to get started with other beginners, but if it doesn't fit your schedule or if you want to get started a quickly as possible, you have the option to schedule a 1-on-1 Kickboxing Foundations session.

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