To get started, try a 2-Week Boxie Girls Trial which is designed to boost her confidence, boost her energy, and get her started with ease!

Your trial includes:
– 2 weeks of classes
– Uniform t-shirt
– Boxing Gloves, handwraps, and uniform bag

Classes are Tuesday & Friday at 5:00pm

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Girls Kickboxing Program (ages 12-17)

This program is to help build confidence, skills, fitness, and community for girls ages 12-17. Each week will focus on a different way for these girls to be more savvy, safe, and successful in every aspect of their lives.

We will use our awesome kickboxing workouts to build strength and self-protection knowledge and this will all be done in a supportive and positive environment to encourage growth and confidence.

And, the girls will be rewarded for their commitment by earning badges and having the option to have a coach review their skills and progress to the next level.


What you can expect

Our mission is to provide every girl a safe and positive space to workout and feel empowered to be strong. This program will focus on kickboxing and skill building to keep girls motivated and building the confidence they need to be successful.

Our friendly and encouraging coaches will build a culture that will feel amazing to be a part of!

This program is perfect for girls who…

  • Want a community but haven’t found it yet
  • Want to be active but aren’t into organized sports
  • Would love to be surrounded by powerful girls
  • Need a positive and strong female role model
  • Are ready to achieve success
Boxie Girls, kickboxing for teen girls

You're in good company



I NEVER thought I would be the person who gets up early to go exercise, and for kickboxing no less! But with such a supportive and fun environment  it became something I truly enjoyed and basically craved. It improved my mental health, my sleep habits and my stress levels. The coaches and women at KUMA fit create an amazing environment where showing up to class is a success worth celebrating.

Emily F.

Member since 2019


Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting to exercise, young or old, fit or flabby, if you want to get a good workout and improve your physical and mental health, KUMA is the place for you. It has a positive, upbeat atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. The owner, coaches, and other members are all incredibly supportive.

Jennifer M.

Member since 2019


It feels awesome to feel like I can be success at a new 'sport' or fitness genre.  I'm not the sporty type but I love kickboxing. I love the people, the coaches and how I feel after I kickbox. It's an empowering experience that has helped me make great changes to my psyche and weightloss.

Camille S.

Member since 2020


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Saco, Maine 04072

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