1-on-1 & Small Group Training

Sometimes you just need a little one-on-one! These training options are perfect if you have specific fitness or training goals or if you just prefer to work alone.

$45 / 30 min.

Whether you’re new or looking to improve your technique, this 1-on-1 session will give provide you with individual coaching, adjustments, and tips that you can bring back into the class with you. 

$325 5 Sessions (1 hour)
$650 10 Sessions (1 hour)

Each package includes a free 30 minute sweat-free consultation to develop a custom plan for your training. Our 1-on-1 training will provide you with a flexible schedule and a custom program to help you achieve your fitness goals. We will use the same movements from our group kickboxing classes in a much more individualized way to help you target the areas you’d like to improve! Get encouragement, inspiration, and accountability from your coach through private training sessions.

2 = $40/person
3 = $30/person
4 = $25/person
5+ = $20/person

If you and a friend would like to achieve your fitness goals together, this is the perfect option. Each session is 45 minutes and will give you a full workout experience with individual help and attention.

1-On-1 or Small Group Training is a good option for you if want to…

✔  lose weight
✔  gain more muscle
✔  tone your body
✔  improve your stamina
✔  learn better form/technique
✔  focus on one area
✔  have an accountability partner
✔  find more motivation